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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Costume # 10: Queen of Hearts

OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!!! The Queen of Hearts look is awesome, edgy, and fun.  From John Tenniel's illustrated version from the original Lewis Carroll children's story "Alice in Wonderland" to Tim Burton's take on this lovable villain, there has been many looks in between.. I would like to show the vast array of different approaches of makeup looks and hair.. remember don't LOSE YOUR HEAD while you are blown away by all these awesome Queen of Heart looks.

John Tenniel's version

Disney's version

Here is 10 full minutes of Queen of Heart Fun Disney Style.


So many makeup looks to choose from! Which one is your favorite?

(I LOVE the HEART Lips <3 )

(This is Kandee's Tim Burton adaptation)


*OMG this last video made me laugh.. this guy is so funny, energetic, and talented! I wish he was my own italian makeup artist :) *


The hair should be in a big pompadour, and you get brownie points if your pompadour is heart shaped! <3

(thought this was new and different)

Some other fun things you might need! <3

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