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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Incubus and Linkin Park

I recently saw both Incubus and Linkin Park live, and I was surprised how good both bands sounded live, however, here are two songs (one from each band) that I wished I could have heard that they didn't play :(

Incubus, Warning

Linklin Park, Crawling

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lady Gaga's Fragrance Launch: FAME

Lady Gaga has finally come up with her own fragrance! This is her very first signature scent, and it will be available at Macy's on August 22nd! Check out the video to see her official trailer for her launch.

I Love the edgy rock and roll looking Bottle, and it smells awesome.  I got a sniff of it in the August Cosmo

Here is an expert from an article about Gaga's Fragrance Launch!

"August 15, 2012|By Leonor Vivanco | RedEye
She’s provocative, edgy and innovative. So wouldn’t Lady Gaga fans expect that from her signature fragrance?
Her perfume Fame is launching at Macy’s on State Street (111 N. State St.) on Thursday--one of only seven stores that get the fragrance a week before it's available nationwide Aug. 22.
Of course, Lady Gaga has put her own unique, creative stamp on it, like she does with everything from music to fashion. Little monsters will find her first fragrance to appear black in color in the bottle "like the soul of fame"          but transparent once it’s airborne, as it says on the box." 


I just discovered Paleface, which is an awesome band.  They are very folky and what I call "back yard jamming with soul"  They are playing in Cincinnati  at Arnold's on August 31st and I am so there. So, if you like this video come on down and share a drink with me and jam out to this back yard folk music :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Remember Starting Line?

Remember this early 2000s song??? I Love Starting Line's song Best of me.  This reminds me of the awesome days I shared with my friend Alli when we were in 8th grade and we would sit around my moms house watching music videos all day long on FUSE.. (Does anyone remember FUSE???? it was an awesome channel that ONLY played music videos and NOTHING else.. you sure can't find that today!) This was one of many of our favorites.

Drug Store Beauty Haul :)

I just picked up some drug store reasonable priced products that I am super excited to use!
Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Lotion

L'OREAL Magic Perfecting Base
I Love this primer because it works just like expensive brands I have used, and it is affordable!  I like it because it is very thick and tacky and fills in any lines or creases leaving you with a flawless smooth base.

Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio
I am super excited to try this cream eye shadow in Painted Purple.  I have never used a cream shadow  before so I am curious if it will crease or smudge. I will have to comment later and give you a review, but the color looks so vibrant and fun and will match my new purple streaks in my hair!
I bought the Painted Purple color, but they have an exciting array of choices of vibrant shades!

I am going to rock out this silver Crackle by Sally Hansen

And Drum Roll PLEASE!!!!! I am so excited about this Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Ionic Indigo!
I have seen this magnetic polish around the last couple months, but I never got a chance to try it out, well now I have some and I am going to give it a whirl.

They also have a lot more awesome colors :)
Here is a youtube video showing the magnets at work

I Miss my Flyleaf...

Yesterday I listened to Flyleaf for five straight hours.  I now firmly believe that this wonderful band does not know how to create a bad sounding song.  I listened to a lot of their newer stuff that I hadn't heard, and I absolutely loved every song I heard.  They are so talented, and always have an intriguing   message to share.  I wish I could see them one more time in concert, but sadly they are not touring at the moment SAD FACE....

Here is a song I LOVE from Flyleaf

My PURPLE hair

Here is a photo of my new purple hair! I have been wanting vibrant violets for a while now, and my dream has come a reality thanks to my very talented friend Alli :)

Jennifer Aniston is Smelling Great!

Jennifer Aniston has created a very intriguing fragrance which caught my eye while surfing around Sephora online.  I absolutely Love Jen Aniston (she's my girl) and now I really want to get my hands on this stuff so I can smell just as great as she does!

This fragrance reminds us of the beach and beautiful summer evenings with hints of salty air and tropical oils.  I also love the bottle, which is inspired by the curving waves of the ocean.  Click HERE to buy :)

Here is a video of Jen getting the word out about her fragrance