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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Costume # 5: 1940s and 1950s Pin Up Girl and Rosie the Riveter

I Love 1940s and 50s pin up makeup.  This look is fun and easy because most likely you already have some of this stuff in your closet.

The hardest thing about achieving this look is the HAIR.. but I think as long as you have bobby pins and lots of hair spray you should be fine.  There are a lot of up or down styles you could do.  Remember you could add a cute hair accessory like a big flower.


Phew! The hair may be a challenge, but the makeup is Easy, I promise.  I do pin up makeup all the time, and it takes less time than when I do my regular makeup look.  Remember the key elements to pin up makeup is the white or light shadow, the winged eye, the red (or you could do pink) Lips, and very importantly the VERY ANGULAR dark brows.

Makeup Tutorials

What to wear? Well this shouldn't be too hard.  Remember HIGH WAISTED pants and Pencil skirts, POLK-A DOTS, and Cat eye glasses.

This Look would be super easy to do!  Its is basically a Pin Up makeup look with denim jeans, a button up shirt, and a red bandana

If you didn't want to wear plain old jeans you could also go with a denim dress to make the look more girly:)

BUT HOW DO I GET THAT RED BANDANA ON MY HEAD AND MAKE IT LOOK GOOD???!!! No, worries our friend Kandee will show you how!

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