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Monday, October 15, 2012

Costume # 2: Effie Trinket from Hunger Games!!!

Effie Trinket from the best selling Hunger Games Trilogy would be an amazing trendy costume for this year.  Hunger Games, the film, has single handedly sparked numerous trends in the makeup world when it comes to application and palettes.  It would be so fun to see someone rock out to this Effie (almost Marie Antoinette) look with the bright pink cheeks and cotton candy hair!!!!  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


Here are some spreads of things you might need to pull off this super awesome costume

It would be easy to get a simple purple peplum dress (especially now because they are trending like crazy and are in every fast fashion store right now) and throw on a shoulder padded fun colored blazer. Don't forget the huge FLOWER in her hair and big fake eye lashes!

Here are some awesome tutorials :)

Here is Kandee Johnson's take on two looks in one.  First, a doll face, and second, a Marie Antoinette look.  These looks are not specific to Effie Trinket, however, the looks and techniques would definitely work for an Effie Trinket costume because Effie is very doll-like and looks very similar to Marie Antoinette!

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