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Monday, October 29, 2012

Costume # 11: CUTE Oompa Loompa :)

ok, so I think I might end up being a cute little oompa loompa on Halloween because my friend Alli has convinced me that it would be cute if she dressed up as Willy Wonka, and I was her little oompa loompa.  I definitely want to make this look cute and girly, which should be a bit of a challenge, but I think I might be able to pull it off.  Be sure to look out for pictures of me as a cute oompa girl... and make sure when you are eating your first Wonka Bar this Halloween you check to see if you got a Golden Ticket!.......... ok, I know that wasn't that funny...

Here is a girl in her oompa attire

So for my hair, I think I will do my faux bob again, which was super easy, and just spray that temporary green dye in it.  For makeup, I will get a foundation that is slightly more orange and set it with a super orange/tan powder.  I still want my oompa loompa look to be  cute, so I want to do some cute green eye shadow, and maybe some green eye lashes.  I also want to go to a candy store and maybe pick up a couple of those novelty looking lolly pops to stick in my pockets... 

Green shadow pics


SEE! it is Cool to be this tan (not)

ok.. here is Kandee's take on this look.  Kandee is way more authentic.  I want to be way more girly than her look, but I thought I would post it anyway because Kandee is awesome and this video is super funny :)  DOOPITY DOO!!!!

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