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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Costume Fave # 4: 1920s FLAPPER

I Love celebrating the culture of the 1920s flapper.  These women were down to party, smoke, drink, dance, and be absolutely scandalous! They were Beautiful women that cut their hair short, and threw away the idea of the corset with their rectangular silhouettes and their loose fitting low waisted dresses.  Love. Love. Love.

Here are some adaptations to their make up look.  The key features to the flapper makeup look is very heavy and dark eye makeup, and a very dark lip stick.

Zooey Deschanel pulls this look off amazingly.  Notice how her eye make up is really dark and heavy around the outer corner of the eyes.  This will make your eyes look bigger :)

When you are trying to find a flapper dress for this costume REMEMBER, the silhouette should be rectangular, with a dropped waist line that is at the LOWEST part of your waist.  Also remember that Fringe was very important in the early 1920s along with the ART DECO and SURREALISM Movement.

Dresses :)

See in this sketch how their bodies look like rectangles (very important) NO BODY CON dresses for this look!

See the Dropped waistline

Accessories: Pearls, geo art deco inspired motifs, and very important the CLOCHE HAT, Embellished headbands, and beaded head wear.

This is an example of the Cloche Hat. It fits snuggly around the bobbed hair cut

Helpful Tutorials

I Love the Peacock headband!

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