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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jonathan Queen

Jonathan Queen blew me away with his realism paintings last week when he visited my school.  All of his paintings revolve around the subject matter of antique toys, and his skill is remarkable.  These paintings look like photographs.. I am so Jelo (Green Jelo)

"Antiques, vintage objects, wooden boxes, and photos are the props I use to set the stage of my narrative paintings. Toys in the right setting become complex characters with a deeper story to tell. My influences come from classical painting, nature, literature, my family and my faith." (Jonathan Queen)

Here are some of my Favorites

If you are interested in seeing more of his amazing work click HERE to view his website :)


  1. These are awesome holly! did you get to meet this artist? Also, did I read your comment correctly she you said that these are paintings? love all the items you have on this blog.......very interesting...please don't stop posting!!! :)

    1. Yes I met him because he came to DAAP to talk to my class. He is super cool. And yes they are oil paintings (crazy right?) Thanks for commenting! did you have to get a gmail account to comment? or does it just let you submit your name? because maybe that's the reason no one is commenting lol?